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why adsense doesn't work and never will

LOL - Adsense is a pathetic rip off.  

First of all, Am I not the one who is responsible for the things on my site?  Doesn't the advertiser deserve my visit FOR FREE? I need to know what I'm making, you want to disturb this? And I DONT MEAN DUTCH ADVERTISERS. I DO NOT use internet explorer either, you guys should grow up and get your act together. The limited number of words in the adds make it non-content. To call this contextual is an insult to the meaning of context unless you refer to NR2?

   1.  The part of a text or statement that surrounds a particular word or passage and determines its meaning.
   2. The circumstances in which an event occurs; a setting.

I think advertisers are all adults and can speak for themslefs? or not? Text SHOULD BE black, links SHOULD BE blue. So, there is no way left to customise the boxes. I like to see the WORK of a webmaster. The adsense adds look like they took no work at all. They are the same on all pages, they are the bore of the internet.  Then say "Put your non work above the fold and in the face"  well....duh?  You ever hear about banner blindness? You think it's a myth huh? When I spot an adsense block I do a great job as reading ZERO of the adds in it. Then you whine about publishers making their own adds fit in with this horrible 1990 format. hahahahaha The whole site lay out is discarded 9999 out of 10000 times just to adopt your ugly adblocks. Why don't you allow us to make the adds fit in with the lay out of the website? Why would you want to make such a huge mess from my site? Make the: "Firefox adsense preview tool" and the "Opera adsense preview tool" Get some CSS happening in those iframes already! You know CSS I hope? can you explain why we dont need it? Compared to what we have now we need HUGE add formats. 468X500 would be GREAT (make it count for 3 blocks) Then advert peeps can write an article! Can you imagine that? Something to read "content". Because non-content never is contextual. (or is the page view the context?) I look here and I see the adnsense internet is best viewed in 800px? hahaha, how 2002?

Resolution Explained
How often do you see a site that has huge print and scrolls from side to side? Perhaps the worst display of ignorance and arrogance on the Internet is the "Webmaster" who thinks that everybody sees things their way. This is often the kid next door who just unwrapped his computer and is ready to make it as a Web designer. Just take a look at these screen shots to see what we mean. Try our "Resolution Test" to help you to see your site at different screen widths. read more huh? >>>

This is what adds should look like in the opinion that is my own(thank you), this way it looks much much more lntersting. No it's not my site and no I didn't earn big bucks with it. It's just how a link should be done.

What is the trend in browser usage, operating systems and screen resolution?
Statistics are important information. What you can read from the statistics below is that Internet Explorer 6 is the dominating browser, XP is the most popular operating system, and most users are using a display with 800x600 pixels or more, with a color depth of at least 65K colors. The current trend is that more and more computers are using a screen size of 1024x768 pixels or more. read more huh? >>>

Inline, in te center of the page, real content. NOT ANOYING. Maybe I should just ask "did you read this?" Then... did you also read the adds on the right of this page? ah ha, you didn't? oh? strange?

I make sites for fun (if thats still allowed) I'm not having anyone turn my site into a link farm. LOL!!! Some sites have 95% adblock users now. Why would that be? Could it be that the adds don't have anything to do with the content? Each word I write on a page makes the adds less visible. I guess we better not write anything?

I had 24 adviews and 57 pageviews yesterday. Jep, it's time to install it myself so that I can preview my blog. HAHAHA I have all content on a single page so it cant be PSA.

For me it's more as a whole year of adsense.  I must be a horrible pubisher with shit for brains. Or your tools are just blunt. And there is nothing cutting edge about em.  I've earned 1$ on those page views so your revenue calculations are pathetic to. I'm sorry to be right but it's all true pun intended. :-)

57 page views 1$ vs one year of adsense 10 000 page views ZERO$  I even get shit from the tax office about your pathetic service.

In the Netherlands you can't owe a person money and keep it. Do american banks reset your account on the first of the month to? Why did the advertisers have to pay to advertise on my site? I never got a cent so what did they pay for?

Ofcourse I'm writing this because I know nothing about any market.

Point made