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how adsense works

Now that I've promoted adsense for a year or so I didn't earn one cent.

You need about 300 000 visitors per month before you earn anything. Don't waist your blog with this stuff until you have this traffic. People won't like it. You will lose much traffic from the adds.  

I would love to see bloggers earn few bucks of your journal. So if you want to promote something that wont ever pay you nor pay any of your down-line(friends) please do me one favour.

tip 1  Go to your favorite weblog and use the subscribe button there.

If you want to get paid for a referral he or she needs 300 000+ visitors just like you. A person with mass traffic who didn't have an AdSense account jet.

tip 2 People like that just don't exist.

AdSense loves people who never get paid and earn money for them. Don't think they don't charge their advertisers for your clicks. They just don't pay you for them.

On one of my site awstats shows around 45K page impression daily and on the other hand google adnsense running on that very site shows only 16K for that. ?????

You can call me a lying b*stard but it's the truth. Just look how I didn't earn anything with this post.

Just to compare, I've swapped AdSense for 7dollarsmagic.  Now I've earned more from 100 visitors as from a few 100 000 adsense impressions. I've put up a banner at the end of my page and it gets clicked every day. AdSense never generated a single click from this spot.

I have a few blogs with thousands of photos, a blog with blogger scripts and a few personal journals.

tip 3 This means AdSense can never display useful adds for me.

It doesn't matter how cool or interesting my blogs are (ehm lol)

But, my blogs are not about making money. They are about my opinion and my creations. The adsense terms of service is a horrid thing to blog by. I need freedom of speech on my weblog not some silly rules on what I can or cant say.

I was informed by e-mail that my AdSense account had been terminated due to “click fraud”, and that I would receive no further payments and be unable to use Google’s advertising products again.

    Click fraud is where people or programs - automated robots, or ‘bots - click on your to an advertising link in an attempt to defraud either or both the advertiser and Google. Click fraud experts tend to run up huge levels of traffic, generating thousands of clicks and each may cost a particular advertiser in excess of £10,000.

    In my case, had received very little traffic and consequently very few clicks on advertisements. We’re talking in the region of £100 of advertising, hardly the sort of figure someone seriously engaging in click fraud would bother about.

    After a number of e-mails to Google without replies and no response from their press office, I decided to cut my losses and concentrate on selling advertising direct to clients, thereby bypassing Google’s system.

Sounds like the guy was riped off doesn't it?

Before you go slap adds on your newly born blog...

There are software for building thousands of adsense sites in record time using reprinted articles.

Do you still think you can make money with 1 page?

tip 4 A lot of people create thousands of nonsense adsense pages per second.

Would you earn any money? Or would you earn 10 cent just like their well optimised pages? Then a true adsense site farmer also buys traffic. Do you?

tip 5  I just wanted to share this because the web is filled with people screaming how fantastic adnsense is.

As it's one big scam!

tip 6 Put a paypall, alearpay or an egold button on your site and add the words "advertise here". Search google for some advertising prices, then set yours.

Just do all of this hard work yourself. Image