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My review and tutorial for asianbiz

google? well i havent get any visitor from google search. But still i thanks them since they are the owner of

hummmmm, Maybe you don't give googlebot enough atention? He cant see your picture so that cant be it. Lets write you a custom tutorial....

You have a good page rank so google does visit you verry often. You have written perfect articles for a human to read. Google isn't so smart jet but he is learning.

I'm glad I took a look at your page. 

human factors The first thing to fix is the EDIT-ME in your sidebar. I'm not sure if it matters to google but it looks bad to a lot of people. Spam bloggers post 2 or 3 articles then they make a new blog. They all have the EDIT-ME on the page. There is no other way to reconise duplicate content.

You have it located far above your actual post. I'm sure google does the math on that one. Put your previous posts at the top,  if we are interested we are going to click your links to.

My guests click next page 80 times on average here.

Try imagine scrolling down the page 80 times? I would go nuts!

Machine factors Your blog could show up in the search if some one typed...

"Blogs From Asia: The fun Sunday School blog"

...into the box. Chances that will happen are atronomically small. Well ok I just did a search for it but that doesn't count. (or does it? Image ) It didn't show up anyway. And neither did your other titles.

    *  India Automobile: Moving towards Success
    * Malaysia and Korea accepting the Free Trade Agreement
    * Increased auto sales puts pressure on fuel in Asia
    * Ford, GM, are losing market to Honda, Toyota
    * Blogs From Asia: The fun Sunday School blog
    * Popular Japanese Toy products for adults and Elderly people
    * Japanese Toy industry: a brief overview
    * The Future of Japan’s workforce: Too many old adults?
    * Condition of Modern Japanese Women
    * The present condition of Japanese Population: Too many adult people, too few children

Lets take a look at this title:

HA! HA! HA! REALLY FUNNY FUNSY! The Yahoo Answer Service: What is the purpose?

When I look at the post you are most informative and expalain how the thing works. But in the title you act like a 5 year old.Image  It's simple really, each extra word you add to the title divides it's importance over the words.

With the title "yahoo answers"  you could end up on the front page of:

Here you can clearly see the short titles do a better job. My guess is that HOME is a really bad keyword so has defeated the yahoo page in it self. What page would describe the service best?

"the birth of .... ...."   or   "... ... HOME"

But thats just for top ranking, your post url is:

So the keywords are: ha, ha, ha, really, funny, funsy, yahoo

typing the nonword funsy in google gives

That traffic cant be what your after?

But don't worry! Changing your titles is even worse, don't ever do that.

If you really want to change the title create a new post. Then remove the content of the post and make a propper link to the new one in it's place. But first read the rest.

A propper goes like this:

<a href="url">keywords</a>

Don't just drop the full url in the post. Then google only spiders the page and doesn't know what it is again!!  You've had that kind of googlebot traffic for some time, you know it isn't usefull untill you make use of it.

The more words the worse it preforms for each. It's called keyword stuffing. But if you make the url like this:

<a href="url" title="keywords">keywords</a>

You have room for 2 times 2 keywords. They can be the same or something different. The title is only displayed when the mouse is moved over it.

<a href="" title="forum for bloggers">Bloggerforum</a>

That would be a good link. Then you also have a post title with say 2-4 more keywords.

Now remember there is absolutly nothing wrong with your current titles or your blog.

Googlebot just cant make sense of your pressious information. He doesn't know what kind of people are looking for your post. Question marks (or other special characters) in titles are bad. Sounds like you are selling someting "did you ever need a ...?"

TO DO Link back to your old posts in the new one's using good links. Like Yahoo answers enters India Then they also fit in the middle of the text and look better.

You can Try imagine what audience you're after then try write a few posts aimed at their searches.

Try to cut down the number of words in your new titles. If peeps can find your blog and see your older post titles they can come back, bookmark or subscribe.

Hope that helps. Image