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Yahoo 360 SEO

As I wrote my review I didn't entirely get the forum post right, the question was actually related to White Wood Sunday School. Wich didn't have any pagerank jet but looks like a promising read. :) Both where so thankfull I've decided to continue the story a bit. I use this blog to post "what ever pops to mind", I've chosen yahoo for their insain server uptime and speed, for short descriptions and 1 min posts I demand to spend only a few seconds to post something. Blogger makes a much better platform but it takes ages to do this. Still du to the simplicity of yahoo 360 it's easy to create a profile like Yahoo! 360° - Mehdi H's Profile or like Yahoo! 360° - razib a's Profile, you can then add your rss feeds and invite a few peeps at random. It's like a friends network where you share your atention. The great thing about the 360 blog platform being so lousy is that visitors just know you have other sites, they demand it! LOL So I suggest you use Feedburner to create a good rss feed then add your blog rss feeds to the yahoo profle.