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Re: does restricting a country also restict included videos?

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Ethan wrote:
> > torgeir wrote:
> > if I restrict people in a country from viewing a video, will they also
> > be restricted from viewing it on non-google-video sites where it has
> > been included?
> Yes, it is based on IP detection.  It doesn't matter if its the
> embedded player or on Google Video's site.

I've already stopped reading ALL tech blogs full of bla bla about useless google maps and blank  google earth. Now not ONE video on the front page of works for me.

Now I have to stop looking at google video to? Why cant google grow up and do real subscriptions?  I read gmail may not be used for commercial purpose? Make me giggle? Are satellite pictures really that expensive huh? Or are we being cheap?

If 2$ is the correct price for a 500 year old movie google better start making movies really fast??? Corporate laziness?

If stuff that old is worth this much google needs to MAKE IT'S OWN movies/tv shows/series/sihtcoms

I live in Holland. The Netherlands are not so big, TV programs have to be much to mainstream to get the minimum number viewers.

Compared to that Google has such a huge audience it could exploit much more extreme variaty of movies as Hollywood.

We are soooohhhh bored with the Hollywood formula. I'm sure the self fulfilling prophecy has replaced more as half the movie. Crap plot + expensive actor + happy ending

That's not what life is like. Life has an endlessly complex plot + the cheapest actors + it always ends bad. The last thing I want to see is another Hollywood film. juk!

I think any 5 year old can own an hold and own a camera today?

Should do large medium and small productions.

this is a very small one

To small if you ask me.