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The Geo blog, The end of the internet and the beginning of new times

The adds on my new geo blog are not bad at all. Here is an example:

ContentDJ is a new method of finding and sharing notable content on the web. Our in-house editors (DJ%u2019s) post the best of the best, on a variety of subjects, from a variety of authors, blogs, and sites. We find the best publishers, add them to our network, and cross post the best information to the relevant channel, or sub-site. Publishers get added exposure. Readers get better convenience. We are currently in BETA and will be releasing custom channels for our audience in the coming weeks. Everyone loves a good DJ. Content DJ>>

It makes me think Google is doing kind of bad? I've looked at their adds and it's not worth much, then again they do own to much blogs. It could hold big surprises for us in the close future. the web will either stop existing the way we know it, it will be open for semi large and new businesses or GOOG has another trick up it's sleeve.

Microsoft just did a media player update on my machine and (unless I stop it) it keeps on going like a freaking TV station, I didn't turn it off as it's actually interesting gaming news. Image  It's a lot like should have been. Maybe I should note that non-us television is about the same as the states had in 1970 (tv guide). And that's an understatement. As a note in the note, I don't think any of the TV today has any value what-so-ever.

Slowly I'm getting the (obviously wrong) idea that I should be doing a podcast and a video blog,  I hope I can recover from this thought. Just the idea of shaving every day kind of disturbs me. Image
To give you a hint, it will most likely be about a subject I don't know anything about. I can perfectly turn this disadvantage around. Hell, it's why I'm on the 360 service, because knowing a lot about something often means you stop making sense all together. And I want it to be educational, yes it sounds boring but it's going to be fun. Image The least you can do is laugh at my accent. ghehehe