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Microsoft says: "Get Opera"

Now even Microsoft says "stay away from open source" ghehehe

Look what happened to Linux, Apache, mysql, php and open office!

It's all turned to crap! AHHHHHHHHHH !1!11!!!1

Firefox extendability is one big lie, it's way to complex to create an extension and they have piles and piles of conflicts.

Then firefox is 2 times as big as opera and grows in size dramatically each page I open. Opera restores where I left off, say from the page history down to the last cookie.

I'm going to install IE 7 and the Opera Beta now. lol Maybe I go try some trunk fox ghehehe I just know it's all pathetic software! It took our monopolists more as 10 years to create a working text browser.

Thats why I like opera so much, they are a real small company that exists from making a better product. Mozilla does nothing but scream how fantastic it's all going to be. hahaha .....when?

They say something wonderfull is going to happen like in close encounters of the 3rd kind. hahaha

The art is in the story itself, the idea not just that "something" is out there, but that it is something wonderful.
(Watch how Spielberg lets us know that the aliens are friendly)


there is so much funny shit to read about this

So this is what the world looks like if software developers go extinct! hahaha

Aditya wrote:
Yes, Opera can do much more than Fx out of the box. But wasn't this suppose to be Fx's sellling point? They promised the foundation, on which a powerful and fully customised browsing experience could be built? If you go to forums (especially Digg) and read what they are writing about the new Firefox alpha, which comes with a lot of features 'out of th box', you'll see that they're not happy about it! They love Fx because its slim and trim!

Don't forget that Fx is just about 2 years old. Opera has been here for some 8-9 years. By the Fx reaches that time span, I'm sure its going to be as good, if not better. All these niggles are already being cleared out. Try out the RSS handling in the new alpha 2, its amazing.

Yes! I still hate IE, no matter what version it is. Even if it starts backing standards, it'll never be able to match up to Fx simply because of the mucked up reputation that goes along with it now. Plus, Fx does more than IE and can be added on to do much more. IE just bakes my noodle everytime!

Gaby de Wilde wrote:

Opera can do much more as firefox out of the box. User scripts are also much older as greecemonkey ups. I never got the point of performanching. What is so great about it? It looks to me as if they forgot to add a description of the thing to the front page? I'm sure they can write the same thing for Opera if they wanted to.

The big annoyance of firefox is that it doesn't fill out passwords half the time. It trashes cookies, leaks memory and the rss reader just sucks. I could BUY Roboform to get back half the options opera has. Could install Sage for firefox but it's really bad compared to a real rss reader.

I don't use the IRC and the mail client that much but it's much better as the "nothing of the kind" firefox offers. I only use firefox because I want to see what a site looks like to it's owner. Most sites are still designed for ff.

I think the real nerds are using IE 7 now. :--)

Posted by Gaby de Wilde to The Last Word at 5/22/2006 07:02:13 AM