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Why to divide a blog over categories

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I was thinking my original motivation to create categories in blogger.

I just couldn't find cool postings that I knew where in a blog. On some blogs I've spend around 20 min trying to find an old post. That means I would never find it if I visited for the first time. I would read about the new born baby, that sure is news worthy but it doesn't interest me enough to go read some other posts.

This practically means that the real innovations and ideas to rescue or evolve our planet are stuffed away some spot on page 500. :( We have to dig true 100 "George bush is an idiot" postings to find a political opinion on the site. And worse of all it's making spam blogs work! AHHHH

Even driven by database and a content management system it can take much to long to find anything. We don't need today's story that much, we want to read their most interesting things first. And interest is different for all of us.

the blog is a known format, it's easy to navigate. It would be so cool if we would be able to help move the "more interesting" content closer to the reader. I don't really care who made the script, as long as it works it's cool. :-) It means more free speech.

Imagine you see something like "affiliate marketing (55)", then can leave a blog in less then 5 seconds. That would PWNN Image