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Where is the business?

  • I use to hate adverts on blogs but I was wrong. Our entire world economy has grown to shit, the product that makes the most noise is pushed the best. Quality just doesn't mean anything anymore.
  • I really think that bloggers should be the main advertising portal on this world. That way our opinion would be of value. It's not the advert that is evil it's just a tool like a hammer. Hammers could be dangerous weapons if used incorrectly.
  • The average visitor doesn't click random adverts at all. People need thousands of words to generate 1 click per week on average. I have a mailbox where I get to look at peoples advertising pages for free every day.  Now this doesn't compare to people doing actual work to make something nice for me? I make 1 page-view. The blogger would need 1000 to get the same result as 1 email.
  • Denial wont make the advertising sector go away. You will only become a some what less aware subject. Ideal for all advertising purposes. Giving you in-the-face advertisement is not enough to earn your business? Unless you are okay with it! Bloggers don't earn millions, they earn  next to nothing.  You cant brand effort as spam.
  • So when you visit a blog you like, don't panic when you see an advert. It's just useless effort it's the same as the rest of the blog. I know it's hard but you cant rate content by the amount of adverts on it.Image