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Did you do any good?

I was reading this posting

I think A poll is not a referendum?

There are mostly religious people voting on this. It doesn't show us what percentage believe in god. For example: I think the money always was like this. Even if no-one likes it it's not worth changing it. It costs to much money to change.  The euro cent costs 40 cent to make. So it's (logically) a bad idea to change it.

I really thought doing good was the whole point of a religion? I just hope we still agree that being a good person requires doing good? One really needs to earn it and do something for it.

This is time and money that should be spend on feeding people in need. (Doing good) As long as people die for no good reason we have better things to do with our time?  Not doing evil doesn't make you a good person. It means you're no good.  If you're a good person you cant be offended,  god fearing or not. Image  You don't need anyone to confirm you are.  You know it already. If you need to hear you are there is something wrong with the way you look at yourselves.

What makes a good person?
Believing in god makes you a good person
Doing good things makes you a good person
We should kill you for saying things like this
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