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Thank you Bill Gates, the end has come

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You have successfully cheated the industry and it's users out of their money, made hardware suppliers develop useless hardware, made us use an OS that stinks more with every generation, took-away our tools for development and gave nothing back for all this but a bunch of stock that the greedy and lazy people benefited from.

As of today there is no hope left for things to get any better, along with Goggle and Yahoo you fully depend on stealing the normal man's idea but normal man can no-longer develop anything nor do they have a chance to leverage their ideas into something worth their time and effort.

So in the vain of "The End of the Internet" a classic joke from long ago, it now really happened.  What you call multimedia is quickly turning into the poor version of television, the business model stinks jet even if it could be fixed mom and pop will take no part in developing it. Nor will their kids who now study techniques that make the least of remote sense to use.

We have you to thank for all of it. Your idea to store our banking and our personal information in the same environment as the  marketing material with the value of used toilet paper was so wrong we have no hope for better times.  The developers of the malicious software products can not be blamed for your lack of professional development, no we have you to thank for all of it, your latest version of pacman doesn't bring any hope, it still isn't going to work.

I will still glory the day that you and your filthy business model disappear from the surface of this planet as you have no right to exploit us on this scale then return nothing of value to the marketplace.  But as I've been waiting for 19 years for Microsoft to grow up and act like an adult company I better grow up myself now and see that it's not going to end, it's not going to get better, you have fucked up the whole planet and continue to penetrate deeper into the anus of the world economy.

After all this time you failed to create a hardware based operating system the concept of dedicated CPU's is completely alien to you.  Nor can anyone else make anything. The list of technical errors goes on and on. Vital businesses lost every bit of data, people lost their job, developers killed themselves, the whole industries practically disappeared already.

Stuffing the vista desktop full of advertising isn't going to rescue you. For the simple reason that the advertiser is not able to create anything interesting for the end user. We are not going to click on those adverts, you may pull off some impression based cash cow, but a cow that doesn't give milk isn't going to be interesting for very long. People will hate their PC then the idea of creating something will disappear entirely.

Normal people are not able to write software, you may pretend they can but even writing the equivalent of a book on the web is barely worth a cent.  You didn't look after the users but sucked up the cash we were willing to spend on being here. The price of the ticket isn't  worth the show, there is no future in this and you know it.

We are not consumers we are people, we are not to be exploited. We are the research and development and we also are the end users. You didn't show any love for the community, you are to late to start doing that. The global community has died a long time ago.

This is what you've made from it? This is innovation?

Anyone seen Jay-Z, Sir Martin Sorrell, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer kickin' it? Where? At the Strategic Account Summit (SAS) announcing the Launch of adCenter!

I'm very excited to announce that adCenter is open for business! So what does this mean? It means great conversions are available to anyone with a dollar, a dream and a keyword.

OK, enough fluff… The down and dirty:
The limited invitation list for the adCenter pilot program is gone! Anyone with a credit card can sign up and start running campaigns. [link] is the place.
If you would rather talk to a sales person, click here.
As of right now, 100% of our traffic is being served through adCenter. This means no more Yahoo! ads on Microsoft Search pages in the US, France and SG. (We still partner with Yahoo! on many other international regions).

So, if you've been running a Sponsored Search campaign with Yahoo!, we suggest you get those campaigns into adCenter and start taking advantage of the great ROI.

You got to be kidding me, now I'm going to quote bugs bunny for the rest of this article:

You know, some day these scientists will invent something that will out-smart a rabbit.

Ain't this monotonous?

Like they say: When in Slobovia, do what the other slobs do.

I know this defies the law of gravity, but I never studied law!

Well, it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

No sense in rewriting all the history books just for little ol' me.

Oh no! Don't throw me in that water. I'm allergic to drowning.

Sometimes my conscience kinda bothers me........but not this time!

I'll do it, but I'll probably hate myself in the morning.

like the Romans always say, 'E Pluribus Uranium'.

Give my regards to the king, and the queen, and the jack, and the 10 of diamonds.

- So it's farewell to me and goodbye to you.