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RE: Flock 0.7 is out

I've never used flock because it wanted my blogger password. Most extensions I've used are kind of buggy, I feel kind of sorry to say it but I just don't trust a 3rd place to hold my passwords specially not a bug-rich extension environment I surf the web with.

My guess is that it's could be compared to But then I'm guessing. (again) I guess it's funny how Flock is so over hyped.  Now they will have to make something of it. hehehe Looking forward to seeing it happen.

I does seem to moves the web further away from creating good content.  It's more like sharing the raw data. I would like to see the results of some hard work. lol Not some huge recycling frenzy. Who knows maybe it will make things better. It could move in a lot of directions.

RE: Flock 0.7 is out