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Forget about content, who needs it? The ultimate judgement of a creation isn't in it's content. Content is nothing but a point of view.  The idea that a website is judged by it's content is the big lie we all live on the web.

Here is content, lets see if you understand any of it?

I still think this is ultimate compression algorithm Y/X = Y/X
As X could be anything, the exact range of numbers in "Y" exists in any infinite string.

A Gigabyte of information can be stored in 3 numbers
[string], [index], [size]

If we would have some good computers play with that the remaining archive can be a hand full of numbers, which then proves it can always be done in even less digits. This would allow us to transfer 100 GB of data over a 64KB modem in one second or less.

We could even cheat this system and use string 1 starting at location 1. X could be anything? This would make the string kind of big but who cares about something small like that? I do agree it would be much more fun to go look for yahoomessenger.exe inside the string π. If the whole exe is in there some place it would be dumb not to go look for it? Finding small parts of it would be a great start. I'm sure the first enterprise to sell an 1kb file with a 100MB application in it would earn some serious attention.

You probably don't understand or even can't?  This proves the value of content is lower then the value of content users. This compression idea is really good, I'm just to dumb to blog it correctly.  So the conclusion can only be the blog comment is worth more as the blog posting.

This will be an interesting journey, lets see how long it takes the web to find out. ghehehehe