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I read some words on the wiki of

He states how teachers really don't know much about the latest inventions. They did go to school to learn how to teach but that was 10-30 years ago? So kids grow up by ancient means of education. The school where the teacher got educated on "how to teach" was most probably just as old-fashion.

I mean we still have kids carve text on chunks of wood? I would compare it to something like giving the Hollywood studios 500 million to produce a year worth of episodes. Could start with teaching reading and writing, then math, the drivers license, history etc.. etc... Anything! It is worth the money!? Get those most expensive actors and give em a script?

We have all the equipment but use it for novelty purposes. The world has it's focus on tv, does that make it okay to spam us with entertainment and advisement? People should get educated on a professional budget! Then they can earn a lot of money and pay a lot of taxes! LOL

help I'm on the dumb planet! AHHHHHHHhhhHHhhh ROFL

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