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The updates the updates!!

Yahoo 360 has suffered some upgrades again. Now it's more like a multimedia parking as a blog. hahaha

I remember how Google maps pissed me off with all the hype about it and The Netherlands being non existent in those days. I read blog after blog about it, I was able to look at the maps people made but I wasn't quite so interested in my favorite tech blogs anymore. looks damn nice at first sight but it has the same bug as not allowing the full blast of content being seen by the world.  I know yahoo cant help it, nor can Google but it's sad to see people post comments about seeing nothing where ever other comment is full of hype and exited commenting.

I didn't forget I moved here from blogspot, cuz it was virtually invisible to half the planet. It looks like modern times have catched up with me. O well, it's all for the better I guess?

An interesting side effect will be the incredibly pathetic meta-data video, images and audio have on the web. Writing stuff in text will happen far less often.

I wanted to include a but all I see is porn! It's full of porn! bwhahaha!!! (no link here)

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