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AOL has huge amounts of experience with advertising media compared to our current top brands. Google yahoo, m$ etc Google only just started with video adverts. ROFL! AOL knows the effect of things.

We will never know if the exclusion of IE users from this stage of development is intentional. I do think that would be an AOL kind of thing to do.

Think about it, it would be so cool if it didn't work in IE?


Just when I wanted to scream COOL, I noticed that it's jet another list of links. The "services" didn't make any of the things they show off with.

The quality of reviews on digg-like sites are far below a post in a blog. Even when posted by the same person. In a blog the author needs to actually "review" things.

"huh, how cool." will not do as a review. It was a clear waist of my time to read comments like that.

But time will tell I guess. Netscape use to be really cool, but that was loooOOooo000ooong ago. ghehehe