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yahoo mail beta

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I still didn't get around to using the yahoo beta email, I had some good ideas but yahoo groups are just not for me. Let me complain about how dumb it is "to have an old and broken research module". If the research and development stinks the whole iceberg will melt pretty quick. It doesn't matter how big it is. If your feedback-sharing point is horrid and repulsive jet non-rewarding I shall not! Then you wont know. Don't treat me as if I'm the problem here, I know bloody well how to submit feedback and it's a rather dead non-community no-reward no-feedback-on-feedback kind of thing right now. A simple forum would defeat it in useful ideas within in 2 days.

Don't freakin pretend the web is already invented or that yahoo can invent it all. Look how everything appears "done" on the web today. It's hilarious! The ideas are out there but you won't get them if people have to pay time and attention to submit them anonymously. bwhaha are we going to beg for help now? Depend on free gifts? give me, give me? Well no?

Weblogs read so well because the front page is in what I call diarrhea view, with everything in one long row. I could fairly easy make it look like an email inbox, then you would have to click one extra time.

So my idea of email would be a button on all yahoo pages that uses ajax to pull-in my latest email messages into a dropdown menu. I want the full text content of all new emails in one huge list, separated by titles.

To fix the bugs that would create I want options to sort the new email by it's number of characters. So that 1 line of text emails go at the top, those with a link in em go below, those with html and lots of text go all the way at the end.

So, a dropdown on all yahoo pages to read my email. Attach the script only when clicked and it would decrease the amount of yahoo bandwidth used dramatically.

If opted in you could effectively put my new email on top of any yahoo page I load. Make options to have it happen when I visit the page and/or when the new email happens.

This is the only way for you to force me to read (and there-for use) my yahoo mail.

Asynchronous interfaces are just so 1997, it just wont do any longer we need to have the full thing embedded into a single button available on each page, give me one for my blogspot to.

Why not build yahoo.mail into Y!Q ??!!? huh?

But, you didn't want a feedback system so I stop here and call it a blog post. haha