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You know I travel the far corners of the mind, the big mystery we carry on our shoulders. There is so much we can do with it it's save to say time is not on our side. I have the habit to pretend the complicated is simple, most of the time it works out and I get to believe what I think.

I can look at people as living libraries of things to do. If you respect their doings (deep down inside) one can investigate their interest. If you respect their interest enough you can master their skill and enjoy waxing your car or knitting socks as much as they do. In a very "what ever" kind of way.

I've seen people earn lots of cash, I can grasp the "why" but I'm not able to respect most of their ways therefor not able to adopt their method well enough for that "simple" same reason.

I've seen those who are creative, the blog posting stays around permanently as a chat is mostly never looked at by any 3rd party. This is how small the difference between killing time and creating stuff is. Add to that that that doing some-thing makes us better at doing that thing. So your first ice sculpture may be really bad, you know NR 500 will look quite different from it. After taking 10 K of photos I find it very hard to screw up at it. All I started with was "the viewing of" some respectable photographers. :)

My mindset says both the artist and the commercialist create products. Thar create a good to be consumed. Trust me, you need good art more as you need food. Cuz a world without color isn't worth living in.

So I find myself in the void (again)

I see multinationals create the worse art possible and I see artists who make great things on an empty stomach.

Neither would dare say it's the same thing. The only difference in the philosophy of "To be or not to be" and that of "just do it" is that the second sucks as the first is quite a Honorable find.

I could sloganise "far less is far more" and add a drawing of that.

Almost took 20 seconds to make & upload to photobucket. But what does it mean? Shurley a drawing without meaning has no value? Wel... it means you can make and post a better drawing, so why don't you? Fear of embarrassment? Are you going to assume you could learn to play a violin over night? Even if you could it wouldn't mean a thing.

Sending data true a cable is just that, it's not phone calls it's not videos, it's not tv, it's not the Internet, basically it's all the same data.

Making a consumable good, art or food, painting or a good, poem or slogan it's all the same sh*t.

People sell things anyway, if your creative flow casts a shadow on that what is marketed you should get into business. It justifies making noise if the inferior creation is dominant.

It's either that or be a kmart lovin worshiper of tv dinners.

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