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ape island

It makes me sad how TV fills peoples heads with NONSENSE. People seem to think it's OK to give their attention to something random. They pretend it doesn't matter when a few 100 million people don't think about life. Do they seriously think some-one else will care about it/take care of them? They seem to think it's okay to be a retard. Next thing they will defend their right to act like apes. Specially when it's true a quote from the matrix makes me vomit.

For the ape people still reading: "this is how every civilisation before us perished". It's called taking things for grant. Your grandparents worked their ass off for everything your parents had, your parents thought about that jet worked mainly for them-selves. And you will sit back, no-think, do-nothing then say you've earned it. Our shared general interest stopped developing, the few who look for a way forward are discarded as-if they are the idiots and over-shouted with media slogans.

Trust me when I say: "If you don't care about (read "for") others we will be happy to return the favor". This means you've given up your right to complain about things. Thats what you've earned, you idiot! It's the lot's of little thoughts that make things happen, they all matter.

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