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lets be honnest

88 magnify be honest... I'm not good at anything, I consider good related to opinion and opinion diverted from observation. I could name quite a few people more capable at the things I like to do and/or investigate. Then there always is a BUT in my story, this time it goes like this ... BUT I have such insane amounts of interests.....

I consider my really poor memory fully compensated by raw thinking power even while knowing it's all one big lie. My ego is huge but everything has it's limit. hahaha

So, (I always have a SO in what I write to) I have my much to width interests the slow compensation plan without the memory while nothing is ever really superb. I even see myself love a concept more as it's result. The joy is in seeing the idea work, effort for picking it's fruit there is non.

I have no idea what other people see when they look at things, all I know is that it's not much like my picture of it. I'm wrong about half the time in much to obvious ways but in the other 50% I see a wondering tribe of blind people in more ways then I could make milkshakes.  The part where this means I am nuts makes you even more funny. HAHAHAHA  Of course I've made this all up, but you beleave all of it. I know you. Image

All I need is something for the world to do with it, this is kind of complicated...

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have fun, that what I've made it for. :)