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blogger beta

I jumped out of bed worried about my blogspots, I'm never worried about my blogspots. ROFL it was such a strange feeling.  I walk up to the pc and everything works as normal. All the blogs are still there.

Earlier this dat I've installed an Opera button to open pages in firefox and a firefox extension to open pages in opera. I click on "view in Firefox" from one of my blogs dashboards. I try to log in but my login fails! I try again and again but nooooo this password was not correct. AHHHH Was I hacked? But Opera was still logged in??

Now I see that the "view in firefox" extension didn't do it's trick. It had send me to the

I quickly head for the frontpage and behold! There is the beta thing! And it wants my Google account & username. 

Then it wants me to make a whole new blog O_O (another one)

It runs smooth as hell, it has labels, the template (currently) can't be edited only rearranged with a new editor, the menu structure can be rearranged. It looks much more idiot proof as before.

So I congratulate google on this wild advance. Welcome to 1999!!!

It's like tabed browsing in Internetexplorer.

hummm now I tried to log off and make a screenshot but it wont display my dashbord jet. hahh

I can only login from the blog it-self.

Today we're launching a new version of Blogger in beta! You've been asking for ways to do more with your blog, and you can with this new release. With the beta you can:

* Categorize your posts with labels
* Control who can read your blog
* Change the appearance and content of your blog with your mouse instead of HTML

Take a look at the tour to see all the new things you can do (well, a lot of the new things ... they didn't all fit in the tour).

As we release this version, we're limiting the number of people who can switch over. (You'll see a link on your Blogger dashboard when you are able to move.) Eventually, of course, everyone will be able to transition their blogs to the new version. Thanks in advance for your patience as we roll it out.

If you can't wait, you can create a new account on the beta now and make a new blog to test out the new features. Because the new Blogger uses Google Accounts, you can use your existing Google login, or create a new one. (Later, you'll be able to merge your current and beta accounts, and have all your blogs in one place.)

We'll be posting more about the new version in the coming days, but for now, we really want to know what you think. You can post on the Blogger Help Group or via or feedback form.
— Goldtoe [08/14/2006 02:08 PM]