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gas price dollar/euro liter/gallon

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I was just looking at this picture and it made me think of this one of my own.

Now gallons per ince doesn't translate to liters per centimeter so easy, in fact I've never used the gallon at all.

1 US gallon         3.7854118             liter
1 liter                    0.264172051       gallon

1 Euro                   1.2886                     Dollar
1 U.S. dollar       0.776036008      Euro

Bit of calculator work...

A litter of Dutch gas is     1.395     Euro       or      1.797597         Dollar
A gallon of US gas is        3.31       Dollar    or     2.56867919    Euro

A litter of US gas is          0.67857325   Euro
A gallon of Dutch gas is    6.8046449     Dollars

That looks like the price is only half of what it will be but the dollar goes down while the gass price goes up.

January:   1 dollar      =      0.82627 Euro 

August:     1 dollar      =      0.78003 Euro 

5.5962337% devaluation in 8 months. (0.78003 /0.82627 = 0.944037663 )

Wich averages at 0.699529212% per month. (0.7%)

I may add the average car-engine size later, but I'm sure you can imagine it aint pretty.

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