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Wired 14.09: Physics Wars

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The universe has a problem. The math that describes gravity and the structure of spacetime %u2013 general relativity %u2013 conflicts with the math that describes the interactions of subatomic particles %u2013 quantum mechanics. For the past two decades, the dominant approach to unifying the two has been string theory, which basically says that the universe is made of infinitesimally small, vibrating filaments of energy moving through multiple dimensions. It's wacky stuff, but no weirder than a lot of other science.
Wired 14.09: Physics Wars
o travel to nearby stars using our current technology would take several thousand years, and require huge amounts of energy. In short it is unfeasible.So, how does one traverse billions of miles of space in a reasonable amount of time?For the answer, we have to look at exotic methods of propulsion, using the physics of gravity.In the late 1980s, Robert Lazar, a nuclear physicist, came forward with a remarkable story: he had been recruited by the US Government to work on the reverse engineering of recovered UFOs.Incredible as this story seems, there is a lot of evidence to back him up. The government agency he worked for denied that he had ever worked for them, even though there is documentary proof of this. He has also been shot at and has risked his life by coming forward with this information.
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* Primer * CommentTime4 days ago Almost a decade ago when I started my theoretical physics degree (our very first meeting with staff in fact) I mentioned the recent discovery by a group of Berkeley astrophysicists that the universe appears to be accelerating apart to the now head of maths physics at UCD. He basically laughed at the idea and insisted they had probably made some kind of error in their analysis. Most so-called scientists are nothing but unimaginative yes-men. They may have mathematical or analytical capacity till the cows come home but few of them have any type of imagination and the idea of something potentially world-changing coming from a bunch of electronics nerds (Steorn) probably terrifies them. They dismiss Steorns claims without even testing them. Much like those who scoffed at Youngs Theory when the almighty Newton reigned supreme over all fields of natural philosophy. Even Einstein had difficulty accepting quantum mechanics! I would expect it to be some zero-point fluctuation capture device or magnetic field energy extractor or neutrino resonator well ;) . This energy isn't coming from "nowwhere", just somewhere we either havent considered yet or even know exists. The interesting thing about this whole saga is that now you can see why progress occurs at a snails pace. There are too many gutless and talentless scabs prepared to waste research funds reassuring us all that yes the old theories work and no we dont need any new ones thank you very much. We didnt "need" to discover electricity or relativity or the photoelectric effect or transistors...or apparently clean "free" energy. BUT ITS NICE TO HAVE THEM :) I would love this device to be real and workable. It would be an advance unparalleled in human history. If it doesnt work or this is some scam then fair play to the perpetrators for inciting such a vigorous debate. We need more of it. Who knows, maybe a child intrgiued by this story goes on to study science in college and makes the critical breakthrough in fusion technology... The point is WE DON'T KNOW ins't the same thing as YOU CAN'T DO THAT. Its simply a question of perspective!
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