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How free energy works in simple words

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To illustrate what I understand so far:

1 - We take a magnet and put it on the table.

2 - We take another magnet and move it as close as possible without lifting the first up. For example 1 mm above the critical point.

Now we only have to move the top magnet 1 mm to lift the bottom one. I think you agree on that.

The bottom one would move up with rather insane speed. It doesn't go up slowly it goes up really fast. You know this is true! It's weight is almost irrelevant it's a yes/no situation. It either goes up fast or it doesn't.

Now, we can ALSO bridge this 1 mm with an electromagnet.

Reverse the electromagnet's polarity at the right moment and the magnet will not get stuck at the top but it will be pushed down.

Then simply repeat the process.

If we use a rotating magnet in stead of a jumping one it will build up momentum.

The speed of the rotation relates more to the attraction speed of the magnet as to the amount of energy added. Just like above it either goes all the way or it doesn't go at all.

The energy used is much less as the momentum build up IF DONE RIGHT.
Now for the hilarious part!
The attraction speed of the magnet is fixed by the voltage. SO, when the magnet accelerates above that speed the electromagnet attrackts it! It doesn't cost energy but produces it! IF DONE RIGHT.

The voltage coming from the electromagnet (the coil) is bigger as the power supply making it charge the battery.

This allows for efficiency above 100% to happen.

Add your questions if it doesn't make sense.Image

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