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Bill Muller's Generator

from Bill's Notes:

"Superconducting Wire"
"Lenz's Laws state that when a circuit is so disturbed by a magnetic field as to have a current set up in it, the current set up will flow in such a sense as to counteract the magnetic field producing it.
If this were not so we would get a perpetual motion. This is of course referring to Superconducting Wire which means perpetual energy.

This is why large Research Labs are spending large amounts of money trying to find room temperature Super Conducting wire.
Why aren't we researching other ways of Perpetuality that the masters such as Volta, Faraday and Tesla and so many others have written about?

The rest of the story should be self explanatory and must be considered one of the Great Things that Man has devised to help Humanity survive on this Planet."

"For Those Who Say: Impossible"
"The following, taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica, is for those who still find it very hard to believe that the concept of "Over Unity" or, as it is often referred to, "Perpetual Motion" is possible.

This reference is noted from the subheading:


"When a magnetic pole is moved.
WORK MUST BE DONE against any force acting on it if it is moved in the direction opposite the force, and conversely, WORK WILL BE DONE (or extracted) by the magnetic pole when it moves in the force direction. Thus, NO WORK IS DONE in moving a magnetic pole around a closed path in a magnetic field.

It follows that the WORK DONE in moving the pole ... from a point A to a point B is independent of the route followed. Otherwise (the pole) could be returned to A by another route on which MORE WORK IS EXTRACTED THAN WAS EXPENDED in the initial movement to A"

The net effect would be that WORK COULD BE EXTRACTED by movement around the complete path without any other change in the system, giving the possibility of a perpetual motion machine that is contrary to the laws of mechanics."

Wilhelm Muller's invention has No Work Required to move a pole from a pole. In other words, he has the "net effect" mentioned by the encyclopedia.

Consider the implications of this last statement?" ....

"Energy is the ability to do Work.
The work a moving body can perform when being brought to rest is called Kinetic Energy

The Potential Energy of a body is its capability of doing work by virtue of its position and is equal to the amount of work that has been done against Gravity or other force
or to move the body to its position."
and is equal to one half the mass times the velocity squared. ... Bill Muller Motor/Generator