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WTF is on the moon?

I was looking at this

You should agree this film looks easy to make.

Then I looked over the apollo 11 photos "north" where the sea of tranquility should be and re-sized it to 200%. Easy enough right?

That sure doesn't prove it's not there? I see a square rock there, you don't see those every day but hell it's the same shape as the building? I still have my doubts but the picture removed some. I dont expect any larger pictures to escape the airbrush team.

The rest of the evidence is in the non-evidence. We don't have any good pictures of the moon. They had cameras to make much much much more film and photographs. Do you see any of them on the NASA site? Of the pictures we do have the resolution is pathetic. Think about it..... we have 10 000 times more pictures of mars as of our own moon. There is no moon-rover but we have 2 on mars TWO! All we have is a plan for a moon mission in 2018. That's 12 years from now. Fuel for the trip will be 2 times as expensive each year.

In 1995 ESA was planning to build an oxygen factory on the moon "in 25 years". A lot of related missions made it to the drawing board, this is how far they got in 2006

>AMIE obtained these raw images on 13 January 2006 from a distance ranging between 1031 and 1107 kilometres from the surface, with a ground resolution between 93 and 100 metres per pixel.

WTF! 1031 kilometers? Is this a joke or what? The us government is known to read your vanity-plates from space.

no, they are not hiding anything, I'm -100% sure.

The ESA mars mission lost communications floating in space.

The floating in space was probably the hard part? huh? NASA confirmed communications lost in less then 1 minute. I kept thinking "that was quick".

Japan has launched a series of satellites successfully since its space programme suffered several embarrassing setbacks in 2003 with the loss of a Mars probe, an Earth observation satellite and the forced destruction of a rocket carrying a pair of spy satellites just 10 minutes after lift-off.

The 4000 UFO films are mostly of American build UFO's based on German WOII tech.

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