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When you push a swing from rest, there are two energies involved.

(1) The energy from your push.
(2) The energy from the increased tension in the String. This energy was NOT taught in schools nor universities. However, the existence can be conclusively proven with the Parallelogram of Forces taught in high school Physics.
(3) To be more exact, 2 parts horizontal energy will lead out approximately 1 part of vertical gravitational energy. This extra lead out energy can be used to do work or generate electricity. It is the FREE energy we are looking for.
(4) This is the scientific explanation of the Steorn Machine. We also have working prototypes. Thus we can back Steorn 100%.
(5) We intend to wait for vigorous peer review first but Steorn forced our hand. If we do no speak out now, we will be left unnoticed in history.



We do not waste money on patents unless we are sure.

The surest thing is to have a working prototype sitting in front of you - generating electricity. You will be able to buy the product a few months after the Steorn Validation and our 100% backing. I am sure you will be a believer if you sit in front of your air conditioner confident that you do not need to pay any electricity bills.

As for the theory part, I have a BSc in Physics and a MSc in Aeronautics. The peer reviews already included top Universities in China and USA. The vigorous reports on the working prototypes from us by these Universities will also back up Steorn.


As scientists, we look for scientific evidence.

Steorn invites 12 independent scientists to check their machine and validate the claims.

We send our prototypes to the top Universities for peer review and certification.

The scientific evidence will be out within weeks.

We already have our stake in the PCT patent application PCT/IB/2005/000138. It will be accepted by the scientific community after they see the working prototypes and the authorative reports from the top Universities.

You may be scratching your heads for a scientific explanation then. When you can find none. You will re-examine our website with respect.

(WO 2006/077451) EXTRACTING ENERGY FROM GRAVITY 27.07.2006 H02N 11/00 TSEUNG, Lawrence, Chun, Ning
The invention extracts energy from gravity based on the corrected theory of the pendulum. When the pendulum is pushed, it will 'lead out' gravitational energy at the same time. If a source of pulse force (F) is applied to the pendulum at resonance, it will keep 'lead out' gravitational energy. This gravitational energy can be extracted by techniques such as allowing the metallic wired pendulum to cut across the lines of magnetic force to generate electricity. The swinging motion of the pendulum will be slowed dow because the mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy. However, such slowing down is speeded up via pulse force (F). The swinging motion can be changed into a constant rotational motion for a more efficient operation.

quote  Frank
It's possible this is not nonsense, Normal pendulum theory assumes the wire is infinitely stiff. In practice the wire strains longitudinally, transversely and volumetrically.  You are putting the wire through a Carnot type cycle which would
normally be exothermic. But it is conceivable that the Chinese have found a way of
going round the cycle in the opposite direction which makes it endothermic. If you remember, Steorn said that when his machine went in reverse it absorbed energy rather than produced it. This is what one would expect  with a Carnot cycle. I wouldn't be too quick to mock if I were you......8-) In addition, there is an experiment done by Reynolds which suggested that stress in a metal affected its weight. The evidence was so tenuous that in spite of ORs reputation, it was understandably ignored at the time.

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From Slide 1 of

Traditional treatment on the mathematics of the horizontal energy of the Pendulum is to focus on the Integral

Integral(T1(x)sin(a)dx) where T1(x) is the varying tension of the string

Angle a is the varying angle due to the swing

dx is the horizontal displacement


Integral(Mg x L x tan(a)sin(a)da) where L is the length of the string

The result of such analysis shows the classical Potential Energy change into Kinetic Energy.

Unfortunately the physicists and mathematicians wrongly presumed that ANY pulse force would also have its energy totally converted into Potential Energy and/or Kinetic Energy. They never considered the possibility that the Pulse Force itself could increase the tension of the String and lead out gravitational energy. The treatment using the Parallelogram of Forces never appeared in textbooks nor known scientific literature.

Lee Cheung Kin and Team pointed out this particular oversight. The consequence is Direct Extraction of Gravitational Energy. The same theory is then extended to magnetic, electric fields etc. It is further expended to rotational systems and flux change systems. The Patent Offices around the World rejected many working inventions because the inventors did not understand the source of the energy. Their inventions were dismissed as impossible perpetual motion machines which violate the Law of Conservation of Energy.


Now Focus on Slide 5 of

That slide is the CORRECT application of the First Law of Thermodynamics or the Law of Conservation of Energy. When 2 parts of horizontal energy is supplied to the pendulum system, approximately 1 part of vertical gravitational energy is lead out. Thus the output is 3 units of energy.

If 2 units of output energy is fed back as input, these 2 units will again lead out 3 units of output energy. The remaining 1 unit is the free energy. No physical laws are broken. The theory is strictly Newtons Laws of Motion and Pure Physics.

As a Physics Professor put it - every one from over 3,000 years ago has seen the swing or the pendulum. How many can figure out that energy can be extracted?

The person who first figured it out is Mr. Lee Cheung Kin in December 2004 - a 72 year old Chinese Rocket Scientist who was forced to wash toilets for 7 years during the Cultural Revolution. We then researched and found over 60 workable prototypes on Cosmic Energy Machines in China alone. We believe that there could be over 200 Worldwide.

Now the Steorn Challenge will bring all these to life. You will see them in the coming weeks.


Look at slide 8 of

There are 5 elements to create the 3rd generation Cosmic Energy Electricity Generator. The second element is what inventors usually focus on.

The massive pendulum driven by the tiny EM pulse can indeed extract some gravitational energy. However, the pulse duration is short and the time to apply another pulse is very long - as the length of the massive pendulum is long. The FREE gravitational energy extracted is approximately 50% that of the pulse energy. In your case of the massive pendulum, this will not create an efficient Electricity Generator.

The more efficient Electricity Generator should use rotation. The rotational speed can be very high (3,000 rpm is readily achievable with modern technology). There can be multiple pulse points on the wheel. Thus the amount of energy that can be extracted per second can be equal to Y x rate of rotation per second x number of pulse points on the wheel. Y is the pulse energy that can be supplied per pulse.

We have used the above calculation to improve many prototypes.


Steorn is making three claims for its technology:

(1) The technology has a coefficient of performance greater than 100%.
(2) The operation of the technology (i.e. the creation of energy) is not derived from the degradation of its component parts.
(3) There is no identifiable environmental source of the energy (as might be witnessed by a cooling of ambient air temperature).

I shall comment on the three claims from Steorn.

Claim (1) is correct as energy is extracted from magnetic fields. Our patents cover oscillation, vibration, rotation and flux changes in energy fields. The Steorn machine is just a rotational system in magnetic fields.

Claim (2) is correct and we are confident that the permanent magnets or shielded magnets will not degrade significantly. This is because the source of energy is not from magnets. Magnets act like mirrors. Mirrors are not sources of light energy but they reflect or focus light energy. Magnets affect the orbit of the electrons. Changes in such orbits are similar to chemical energy where the electron clouds around the nucleus are changed. (This orbital change by magnets is not taught in textbooks today.)

Claim (3) is incorrect. The source of energy is from the "lead out" energy from energy fields. This lead out energy has not been taught in universities. However, the PCT patent and the presentation slides at

provide a layman's explanation.

The Steorn machine is similar to the Wang Shum Ho device. (Wang Shum Ho is a Chinese Inventor from our team who started such development in 1972 and got China Patents without understanding the theory initially.) The Wang Shum Ho device is scheduled to be tested in Tsing Hua University (The MIT of China). It consists of

(1) A non-rotating outer cylinder with eight shielded magnets. You can think of the setup as having 8 N poles only. If you are not familiar with magnetic shielding, search for MuMetal using Yahoo.

(2) A rotating inner cylinder with 6 shielded magnets. These shielded magnets are also N pole only magnets.

When we put the inner cylinder into the outer cylinder, a slight spinning action will allow the inner cylinder to accelerate (spin faster). Since all magnets are N pole, there would be repulsion and no attraction. There is already a kind of magnetic suspension. In such an environment, if the magnets are shielded and orientated correctly, slight initial twist will start the spinning motion. The spinning will "lead out" additional energy - the 2 parts pulse energy leading out 1 part additional energy as described in the above mentioned presentation.

The additional energy is conserved in the inner cylinder rotational system. Thus it would spin faster and faster. Many prototypes burnt up that way. However, we can put external load on to drain out such energy.

For example, such spinning energy can be used to drive an electricity generator to provide electricity. The prototypes scheduled to be tested at Tsing Hua Univerisity should generate 3-5,000 watts - enough for the average home in China.

Thus we support Steorn 100% - both from theory and from prototypes.

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