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Hans Coler's "Magnetstromapparat" & "Stromzeuger"

Coler is the inventor of two devices by which it is alleged electrical energy may be derived without a chemical or mechanical source of power. Since an official interest was taken in his inventions by the German Admiralty it was felt that an investigation was warranted, although normally it would be considered that such a claim could only be fraudulent.

Accordingly Coler was visited and interrogated. He proved to be cooperative and willing to disclose all details of his devices, and consented to build up and put into operation a small model of the so-called "Magnetstromapparat" [Magnet Power Apparatus] using material supplied to him by us, and working only in our presence. With this device, consisting only of permanent magnets, copper coils, and condensers in a static arrangement he showed that he could obtain a tension of 450 millivolts for a period of some hours; and in a repetition of the experiment the next day 60 millivolts was recorded for a short period. The apparatus has been brought back and is now being further investigated.

Coler also discussed another device called the "Stromzeuger", from which he claimed that with an input of a few watts from a dry battery an output of 6 kilowatts could be obtained indefinitely. No example of this apparatus exists today, but Coler expressed his willingness to construct it, given the materials, the time required being about three weeks.

Opportunity was taken to interrogate Dr. F. Modersohn who had been associated with Coler for ten years and had provided financial backing. He corroborated Coler’s story in every detail.
Neither Coler nor Modersohn were able to give any theory to account for the working of these devices, using acceptable scientific notions.
II. Historical Notes ~
1. The "Magnetstromapparat"


Hans Coler's "Magnetstromapparat" & "Stromzeuger" (British Intelligence Objectives SubCommittee Report #1043

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