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Ralph Suddath on Extreme Water Environmentalism

Ralph Suddath begins, Im an extreme water environmentalist, so you know, Im like radical, and I mean radical. Now Im leaving the ... all ยป country, and I want to leave what I know behind - and my leaving has a lot to do with our water. Were now creating water thats loaded with supertoxins - and everybody knows abut it, but nobodys taking steps to solve the problem. Its apathy, and its dangerous.Our interview with Suddath discusses the energy aspects of water, and how treating water with resonant frequencies can remove toxins and promote health. Suddath also talks about modern water treatment techniques and how todays methods of adding chlorine to water not only dont kill germs, but actually breed supergerms that may threaten our future.
Ralph Suddath on Extreme Water Environmentalism - Google Video

This will kill all people and life on this plannet 100% sure. Because we polute watter and drink/use it withouth cleaning it entirely (because we claim not to know how) super bacteria are growing that require massive amounds of poison to remove in order for us to drink it.

Now the methods to clean it already exist but we have signed away our life to a cemical industry that does everything it takes to prevent us from cleaning our drinking water and/or not using the same over and over and over again.

The video below looks hard to beleave but the guy above went over and tested it.

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