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MagDrive Hydro-Gen� Fuel From Water H2O

With the ever increasing costs of fossil fuels and planned shortages by the international oil producers. The MagDrive Hydro-Gen© is an essential fuel assistant for the internal combustion engine application in the Automotive Fuel Arena. If you are looking to save from 15 - 40 % on your fuel costs and get back that new car performance. If you want to extend the oil change and tune up time service period and ultimately lower your exhaust emissions to exceptional levels. A MagDrive on demand hydrogen fuel system, is easy to install and pays for its self in a matter of a few months. "LATEST NEWS" Many visitors have been asking a lot of questions concerning the MagDrive HHO Generators. There is a lot of info on the website concerning applications etc. To make it short, if your vehicle runs on gasoline, ethanol, diesel, bio or veggie oil it is compatible to run with a MagDrive HHO Generator. Any engine from 1.2 Liters up to the Cummins Diesel and Dodge Viper V10. If it uses fossil fuel it can use HHO generation, plain and simple.
MagDrive Hydro-Gen© Fuel From Water H2O

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