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strong decrease in sceintists and engineers

There is a strong decrease in scientists and engineers, some NASA teams exist from 50+ alone. If we continue to "not lear" like this the option of space travel AND the chance we clean up our act on this planet has no reason to improve.

We do have more technology as 100 years ago but we are not the great thinkers we use to be. Breakthroughs today are not anywhere as fantastic as Einstein, Tesla and Newton made.

This problem has expanded into a lack of even understanding our own technology. Besides from the number of people actually looking at documentation from 1800 or before which is ASTRONOMICALLY LOW.

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In this exclusive STAIF 2006 video, We're joined by Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, former NASA astronaut and currently the Director of the Museum of Flight in Seattle. She shares experiences in the space program as well as some insights into her vision for the museum's future, and the role that it plays in preserving our aerospace history & promoting education...

A veteran of five space flights, Dr. Dunbar has logged more than 1,208 hours (50 days) in space. She served as a mission specialist on STS 61-A in 1985, STS-32 in 1990, and STS-71 in 1995, and was the Payload Commander on STS-50 in 1992, and STS-89 in 1998. Dr. Dunbar resigned from NASA in September 2005 to serve as President and CEO of the Seattle Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington.

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