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Japan to develop difficult-to-detect missile system

TOKYO Japan's Defense Agency plans to develop a new missile system for its fighter jets that would be able to target aircraft and ships without emitting radio waves that could be detected by an enemy, an agency spokesman said Monday.
Japan to develop difficult-to-detect missile system for its fighter jets - iht,asia,Japan Missile Defense - Asia - Pacific - International Herald Tribune
(2002) New developments with various space weapons systems are moving them to the front burner of United States military procurement. With the United States pursuing a national defense strategy which asserts a priority for preemptive strikes, concern for space weapons must be a higher priority for arms control than before. Within the decade the United States could have space attack weapons capable of being launched from platforms in space or from the land, sea or air .
Pugwash Workshop on Preserving the Non-Weaponization of Space

The marriage of NASA and the US military allows for magic top secret budgets that are 90% more efficient as either could pull off on their own.

Japan has lost a lot of simple satellites, so simple one would expect them to work. We already know the moon is the ideal spot for missile silos.

Nuclear activists bring controversy to STAIF 2006! American Antigravity has the inside scoop on the protests, led by activist Bruce Gagnon and focusing on the dangers of nuclear propulsion & the weaponization of space, which is rapidly becoming one of the new hot-button political issues of the 21st century