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HOLLAND:   A small country with a strongly developed intellectual
independence appears to be Holland, where Prof. J.M.J. Kooy developed his
space dynamics.  His hypothesis of gravitaional action is based on the
realization that all celestial bodies can be conceived as practically
transparent in relation to the size of the elementary particles and their
mutual distances in the structure of matter.  Gravitons or tachions, coming
from all directions of deep space, can pass through a celestial body like
water passes through a fishnet, and only a minute fraction of the cosmic
gravitons or tachions will be intercepted.  Study of the effects of the
tachion fields or space continuum of the fabric of material substances,
magnets and crystal lattices can lead to development of converters and
novel production facilities for readily usable, conventional E/M energy.
When the American inventor Edwin V. Gray was blocked in his efforts to
develop his "pulsed capacitor discharge electric engine" for which he had
received U.S. Patent #3,890,548, he found open ears and open minds in

The fact that Gray was named "Inventor of the Year" from the department of
Patent Rights in Los Angeles, California, where Dr. Chalfin of Cal-Tech
confirmed that:

     There does not exist an even distantly similar engine to this one
     in the world.  Conventional electric engines use up power.  In
     this system energy is used up for only a minute part of a
     millisecond.  It operates without heat loss and there is no
     energy loss whatsoever with this system",

had more meaning to the PHILLIPS and others in Holland than to energy
establishments in his native America.

ENGLAND:  There is perhaps no more controversial inventor at this time than
John R. R. Searl and his Levity Disc, powered by the Searl Effect
Generator.  It is claimed that model craft have been demonstrated with
flight characteristics showing anti-gravitational and inertia-free
properties.  Demonstrations have been photographed and videotaped.  Searl
calls his generator a "Gyro-Flywheel High Energy Density Mechanical Device"
and claims that the magnets used are not the common type, ordinary magnets.
The Australian engineer Athol Park of Melbourne, who visited Searl a few
years ago described it this way:

     "From a briefcase, Mr. Searl takes a bar magnet and two steel
     rollers.  He places the rollers at either end of the magnet.
     They appear to be attracted to the poles - but, when they are
     pushed gently around the corners of the magnet, they chase each
     other round and round...."

The engineer quotes Searl:

     "The crystal in the magnet are changed by putting it in a
     magnetic flux oven and by frequency control.  The result is
     motion of a magnetic field - a completely new source of power.
     Unis (modules) based on this principle are what power my
     levity unit - the motor and generator built as one, fuelless

In one of his numerous newsletters he states further:

     "The power plant is a self-contained, onboard closed system of
      conversion elements with energy input from a latent storage source".

Because Searl has never divulged all details and his explanations are
generally of a non-technical, "unscientific" nature, many investigators
have chosen to dismiss him as a swindler and imposter.  In sharp contrast
to this is the opinion of a well-experienced American engineer who reported
after a visit with Searl:

     "I found it resfreshing to note the keen sense of moral respon-
     sibility which he feels for the use to which his discovery is
     put...  The Searls live in modest circumstances.  Luxuries are few.
     They do not own a car.  Mr. Searl bicycles several miles
     daily to his place of work in Maidenhead.  There he is an electrical
     technician and training supervisor in a bearing factory".

But perhaps most significant was the following observation of the American
visitor about Searl:

     "We were also interested to hear him say that many of his ideas
     came to him while he slept.  He would go to sleep with question, and
     wake with answers... and refreshed.  He seemed to have the
     ability to restore vital powers more quickly than most people".

And the American concluded his report with the statement:

     "The impression we gained of Mr. Searl was one of a very sincere
     and generous person, a dedicated and tireless worker with perfect
     confidence in the outcome of his efforts, a man of high principle
     with a keen sense of loyalty to those who are helping him, and of
     responsibility for the future welfare of our planet and its

In view of the very contradictory nature of comments and impressions by
those who have met Searl, it might be wise to reverse final judgement on
the Searl-Levity-Disc and its inventor at this time.