Tricks, tips, tutorials, pictures and words - Overview: AquaTune Water Injection Systems

This is a finely tuned water injection system unlike any other, giving atomization of water and air before going into the engine where it is further atomized, here in turn it collides with the fuel molecules making a highly explosive mixture and expanding the fuel. As this mixture goes into the combustion chamber a marvelous thing happens - a chain reaction. All carbon starts immediately being removed inside the engine to the same state it was in when it was new. This happens because hot carbon and water don%u2019t mix, somewhat like nitro colliding with glycerine and small carbon deposits going by valve seats and helping to break off other a clean sweet machine with a much higher compression ratio and a more complete burning of fuels, making in essence a half steam engine, half gas engine. This makes for a sweet tune, efficient combustion and 15% to 30% more horsepower. - Overview: AquaTune Water Injection Systems