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Total number of space launches shows total conspiracy

The NASA- Glen launch history claims 119 launches since 1964 souce: "I've spent the past several years analyzing over a dozen military and civilian Cape Canaveral launch chronologies, and the total number of Cape launches I've come up with is 3,182. That number includes missiles, rockets and manned space vehicles launched from July 24, 1950 through the end of 1999." "While launches of satellites and astronauts have been very well documented over the years, test launches of missile weapons have in some cases been very poorly documented. This is primarily due to the secret nature of these launches and the speed at which they were taking place, especially in the 1950's and 1960's." "Weather rocket launches are not included. Although there may have been as many as 7,000 weather rockets launched from the Cape since 1950, weather rockets are not included in "official" launch chronologies. Trying to get even a close count on them is therefore pointless." source: "Since 1981, it has boosted more than 1.36 million kilograms (3 million pounds) of cargo into orbit. More than than 600 crew members have flown on its missions." source: so, we have 119 3182 ~7000 military launches = A LOT! My goal here is to find out why there are so many launches with so little to account for that? I have a theory that these launches have been sending supplies to the moon (darkside) to set up base. Now assuming that each well built rocket, which i would say is about a quarter of total launches could hold at LEAST 2000 lbs, thats not including the 27 tons that the space craft can haul out of LEO (low earth orbit). So... thats 2500 launches times 2000 lbs a piece. Thats 5M lbs of stuff? Which doesnt include the total of 3M just from the shuttle alone (but most of that was food, etc.) I know we can account for a lot of these launches as satellites, weather probes, deep space probes, mars probes, etc. If nasa can launch over 10,000 launches since the ~70's then how many has the military sent out? Airforce? Other countries? So, why are we going back to the moon? To make good use of these supplies? Why else would we go back there? It seems pointless, we have already been there, there is nothing else that a human can learn, that a robot cant tell us. It just seems rather fishy. Anyone concur?
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