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planetary helpdesk reopened

I think the main problem mankind is facing is how one has to absorb huge amounts of information before one can say anything constructive to expand a field of current science.

People able to absorb such huge amounts of data are of the least creative some even oppose creative thinking. It's not an insult it's just a demand to be able to learn those extreme heaps.

If you have less information in your head it becomes easier to find the flaws in it. Further more and more one could speculate about their relations, the less information one has in there the stranger types of relationships are found. We refer to this as being creative. Like having just 'ms paint' and 'the artist you are' could always turn into something totally unique. Infinite numbers of things could happen.

We should be able to enjoy both creativity and science, neither can be learned overnight. Neither has a finished state of education. We are all lost potential and missed opportunities in millions of ways.Image

Imagine what great ideas we have locked away in the heads of people occupied with the things we make em do.

We really don't need manufacturing, product development and advertisement to know something is worth putting our money in.

An average of 10 € per person is still 60 000 000 000 € on our planet.

Imagine we would just give that money to our car manufacturers. Treat them like persons and pay bonuses for the work they do for us. Like the x-price we give 60 billion to the one developing the cleanest car on the market priced under X, lets do a second and a 3rd price to.

That would put such thread on their dominance from small newish developers they would know exactly how much research to do and old research to unshelve.

Money talks, we should just bribe them into giving us a thousand miles to the gallon. We have the right to pay rewards I would think.

There has to be at least one corrupt enough to take our money in stead of scam us??Image

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