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skeptics on energy alternatives

Personally I looked at very normal technology not using any zero points or extraterrestrial forces. Then it doesn't take long to find out that even the most obvious energy solutions are not implemented.

I was just looking at the dish Stirling. The good old Stirling engine (150+ years) is a proven concept so logical there is nothing to debunk what-so-ever.

The concept of using a dish to focus the sunlight is as old as Galileo Galilei. That's stuff from the 15th century isn't it? Now look at a projects like this...

I can only conclude we are a bunch of idiots for not building it on useful scale jet?

have you ever seen mr oil this mad?

How does this video look to you?

Amaturish crackpoti-ism?.... ehm lol?

Now use your imagination, how would anything less credible work out compared to this project?