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knowledge the drug of our nations

Here I have a terrific idea,

I was thinking of the whole concept of poverty with a special focus on finding jobs for all poor people.

Now I cant help but think there isn't any work for them. We don't need their labor for anything, if we did we would have just hired them long ago.

From this I conclude that our goal to seek work for them is in error. They don't need to work because we already know they are of no use to us. So it's safe to forget about it.

Building an economy for them wont work because they will be destroyed by global monopolists(that us) as soon as they join the game.

This is not 1950! We have machines to do our work in 2006. Knowing this should be quite alarming to the reader, the reader should think "what are all those people doing at work then?"

I can only say "good question!"; I'm afraid it's all novelty activity....

You want a house with a nice kitchen, a big TV, a computer, food every day and pocket money.

Only the last 2, the "permanently reoccurring events" are interesting. Money we can just print in unlimited quantities (ask bush) so that's not a problem of any kind.

Then there is only the food left for permanent need.  Did you ever see how we grow crops? It's not like there is a lot of manual labor left to do.

We would be so bored people would love to tour around and visit factories. They would get the full VIP tour with a speech and some cinema After that we will do some work there for the fun of it. If the presentation is good enough there will always be enough workers available to do the few tasks the machines can-not.

We should not become communists, rather shift the reward system from manual labor to education and innovation. If any task can be automated we should invest as a global community into gettin it done.

Now the whole joke of it all is to turn knowledge into the drug of our nations. If we get them all hooked on that they will crave for information and we know people will do things that we can-not imagine to be possible. They will do so on a daily basis.

Having a day job should be a status close to impossible to obtain. It should really mean something to the rest of us. Better as winning the Nobel medal.

We could call it summoning in stead of working? ImageImageImage