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Build your own magnet motor

PERPETUAL MOTION??... DO IT YOURSELF!! Tired searching Internet trying to find out the FINAL free energy device?. Bored of wasting your time finding just TOO strange theories, TOO complicated patents or TOO expensive prototypes?... JUST STOP SEARCHING!... Constructing your own Perpetual Motion Magnetic Machine is easy that it seems!. In fact you could construct your own Perpetual Motion Magnetic Machine just in 10 minutes!... Do you think this is too good to be true?, NOT AT ALL!. Just follow this simple tutorial, and you'll find that making your own Perpetual Motion Magnetic Machine is easy and cheaper than you ever thought!. The SMOT (PM3.2) model uses NO strange materials, NO complicated geometry, NO embarrasing theories, NO restrictive working conditions, NO money payment... and best of all: IT IS FREE ENERGY FOR FREE... AND IT WORKS!!!. You only need some magnets (less than 30)... AND THAT'S ALL!. SO LET'S START!...

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