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Kinetron: smallest micro-generators, micro-motors and micro-magnets in the world

Key technologies:

Micro systems technology:
To convert Kinetic energy into electricity one needs more than just a micro-generator. The kinetic energy has to be converted into rotational energy driving the micro-generator. The generator has to be accelerated by means of a gearbox or a spring and the energy has to be rectified and in most cases stored in an accumulator/capacitor.

Microgenerator technology:
Kinetron works with several basic concepts for micro-generators. Depending on the application and the customer specs we use claw pole, Lavet, air coil or piezo generators. The clawe pole generator is often preferred due to efficiency and seize reasons.

Hydrodynamic technology:
We have become a real expert in hydrodynamics. Turbine, bypass-valve and nozzle technology in combination with material and generator know how makes us a world wide leading company in micro-hydro generating systems for cold and hot water applications.

Micromotor technology:
The specific know-how of micro-magnets, micro-coils, micro stators and micro-assembly made it possible that we develop and assemble the smallest micro-motors in the world.

Micromagnet technology:
Micro-magnet technology is a core competence. A special process was developed and patented to produce the smallest multi pole micro-magnets in the world in mass volume.  

Organizational skills:

Design for assembly:
Simply put, it's an approach to designing products with ease of manufacture in mind. By making things easier to assemble, one also makes the assembly process faster and more cost-efficient. This results in higher profit to the manufacturer, and can also add value for the customer.

Concurrent engineering:
CE is a systematic approach to creating a product design that considers all elements of the product life cycle from conception through disposal. CE defines simultaneously the product, its manufacturing processes, and all other required life-cycle processes. CE is the co-design leading to a more robust design that is tolerant of manufacturing and use variation, at less cost than sequential design.

Micro assembly technology:
Assembling up to 1 million micro-generators a year with tolerances off +/- 1┬Ám puts high-pressure on process control, mechanization and human skilled labor.
During the last 18 years Kinetron became an expert in developing micro assembly processes for the watch, military and medical industry.

Kinetron the micro energy company

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