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Philosophical Overview by Ken Adachi

Organized Medicine

For most of this century, Organized Medicine has engaged in a deception. The public has been led to believe that:

A) Allopathic medicine alone is legitimate, proven, and worthy of public trust (while all other forms of therapy are to be distrusted and branded as quackery, etc.) and that

B) Allopathic physicians are healers.

Neither is true. Allopathic physicians, while appearing to be healers, actually are involved in the business of ‘patient management'. The familiar routine goes like this: The patient visits the doctor and tells him what's wrong. The doctor writes a prescription to ameliorate the symptoms. The cause and prevention of the disease condition are never broached. For the overwhelming majority of chronic sufferers, the patient regularly returns again and again for ‘visits and checkups'. This system keeps the dutiful and obedient patient coming back for regular doctor appointments, while at the same time keeping your friendly pharmacist busy refilling those prescriptions. I'm afraid that's what the game is really all about. In fact, it was planned that way. All of this activity is fine with the insurance industry, since under this paradigm, medical insurance coverage becomes an absolute necessity in everyone's life.

Educate-Yoursel.forg, Introduction and Philosophical Overview by Ken Adachi (Feb. 1998)

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