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magnetic resonance identification

I've been looking at the films below, the guy looks a bit like a charlatan but I'm pretty sure there is some real information here.

As usual I bothered to look up some of the hi-tech statements he makes about our earthly technology. And to my rather huge surprise the human research on the topics ranges from nothing up to a hand full of pdf documents written by nuclear power plant people.

As he is channeling it's safe to assume he is not writing documentation for his rather quantitative breakthroughs. This would take some-one who can see true the mass of his messages and dig up that what is most important to mankind. Bashir himself suggests it's important to learn life true  feelings. Let your mind guide you. Something I have no problem with normally, I did hear new ways of growing that skill but what about our earthly matters we pretend to care so much about?

For example he mentions the universe is made out of ONE single particle. What we call forces like gravity and magnetism he refers to as Resonance identification. Each location in the universe has it's own frequency bar-code, the location of an object is a property of the mass. Moving a mass actually destroys it and creates that same shape where we expect it to be "moving" towards. This is quoted as a most complicating factor in our physics. Forces are not what we made of them, they are material frequencies.

It makes a lot of sense for a body to move towards the stuff that vibrates at the same speed (frequency). A lot more as any conventional science.

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