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<b>how to search</b>

I found out that you can lookup things in google is something you have to learn a lot of individual times in stead of one.

The looking up of things is a massive art, it goes way beyond search engines in concept but search is fantastic to see it's real.

It's funny, in our method of science it's ok to produce some diarrhea of formulas and be done with it. But the actual documentation is much more important as the findings. It means you have to spend more times on documentation as with the research. Documentation is rated by accessibility. If it's full of thermology that goes unexplained it's bullshit to most people. They are effectively forced to go on archaeology missions of their own in the forest of information, at best finding out an half truth about the jargon. Inaccessibility is stackable, it means an expert in 2 areas can be understood by neither.

Obviously the trying to access a document and the making it accesable are 2 heads of the same dragon.

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