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move on from marketing to research and development

I use to believe TV has no influence on what you think.

Now I'm fully aware all of the people around me get 99% of what they know out of that box. The internet only informs em about things they want to know. The things they want to know evolve around the stuff seen on TV. world of pacman, soccer, supaball.... [insert more novelty here]

The way they are perfectly fine with that makes my stomach turn over perpetually.

My reason is quite simple, people are curious by nature. Curious about everything and everyone. One by one we discard those curiosity's. The diet becomes boring in a hundred obvious ways, the core interests wear out. Like eating pancakes all year. If we didn't destroy the creative spark in people they would have more then enough curiosity left to do everything they do today.

But the difference is that they don't burn out that way! People can work permanently and enjoy every minute of it. Some may get a real kick out of building a better beer pump. Why not let them?

First we all worked in agriculture, then there was the industrio revolution and we all worked in manufacturing, then there was the revolution of automation now we all work on the marketing department.

I'm only suggesting we move on to research and development. Our system should get the stupid advert out of the face and inspire us to learn something.

It's just a mater of years before all stores will be using robots. We don't need to learn to buy a product. We need to learn the stuff to make the robots do our work faster and better.

I want everyone sipping margaritas on their porch ASAP!

It doesn't sound like a bad idea at all, people are far less destructive that way.

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