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Brainwave Entrainment

It's fairly crazy how my research floats from field to field.

I got into suppressed energy technologies to generate energy but it's almost naive to even think about that. I find stuff like credible research for us to become 1000 years old. Or religion actually being a science 150 000 years ago, back when mankind was really technologically advanced.

The free energy research also made me look into UFO's of wich some cases are far to astonishing not to be real. And yes, 99% of it I could have made myself.

The ufo topic brought me to read up on mediums channeling, could call em oracles if you like. One of them described magnetic resonance identification as the main big goal for our sientists.

Then I run into the strangest phenomenon ever undescribed "Entrainment". It's what makes all the (mechanical) clocks in a clock shop tick at the same moment. It takes about 2 weeks to happen.
For centuries, it has taken years of physical, mental and spiritual training to achieve peak states of consciousness. Now, using new audio technologies you can tune your brainwaves to specifically designed brainwave states simply by listening to one of our brainwave entrainment CDs!
Brainwave Mind Voyages: Entrainment Technology Products

The brain enhancement products we have all seen but the above is based on most sensible theory. If you play the video (above this post) and use headphones you may even get smarter this very moment!

You may think it's strange, it isn't close to how strange matter replication is. Teleportation or a cloaking device?

It may sound strange how magnetic fields from an engine could create a super state of heath. It may sound strange how magnetic fields can vitalise watter. It may sound strange that vitalised watter has the same effect as the magnetic field from the motor?

Personally I find it much stranger how people can invent exactly the same thing without knowing about eachother then describe the same phenomenon.

That's so strange it may just be real.

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