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for those who think free energy doesn't exist

i truly cannot understand how some people are so convinced it is true!
it's not so hard really.

First we take a closer look at the steorn "scam philosophy".

Just because you got scammed doesn't mean Sean wants to scam you, he has shown nothing to indicate that. If Steorn runs a 100 million euro scam our money would be in their pocket months ago. Do a steorn limited edition pre-order and they would have obtained thousands of euros already. No questions asked.

This theory isn't even interesting.

Now lets take a look at all of those free energy apparatus inventors in history. The clear trend is that established science doesn't even need to look at their stuff to be able to dismiss it. We've been doing that for 200 years or so? Isn't it fair to be skeptic towards such old tool? Doesn't sanity say "look in that what you can prove first"? We've been doing that for years and made lots of progress, but to deny the entire existence of something based on a faith is irrational. Do a web-search and read their research but most of all make your own opinion.

Free energy isn't even interesting! We have a great chance here to improve our methods.

I like to think humans need to occupy more space as their ability to destroy things allows em to destroy. We can destroy planet earth various hundreds of times now. This means we should have conquered various hundreds of planets already. It's something we could have started 70 years ago. But 70 years ago the argument was that space travel was utterly impossible, nothing lunar but stuff for lunatics. So we did non of our homework in advance. There is something seriously stinky about the method here.

We need to create food for far less energy as we currently do. It takes 11 Joule to generate 1 Joule worth of food. No other civilisation ever created such margin for error. We should get energy from the crop not the other way around.

We can investigate extension of life with as much effort as life means to us. There is nothing wrong with that, as soon as we aim the medical research canon at the stuff that is bugging us we can only make progress, that's how it's always been.

- Maybe it's something biologist know and physics don't. If you wish to observe something you should do what ever it takes not to disturb that what your observing. You will not get to see the real thing if you disturb it.

- Maybe it's something archaeologists know but physics don't. One should make his own theory's and a theory is not something you believe in by definition. After the theory comes the probability THEN we may have some remote believes in something.

The theory why people should not have theories is a fatal system error and in denial of it selves. Much like a computer can crash. The use of not having theories has no probability therefor is not believable to have any use.

So make your own theories and your own opinion.

There is no smart or dumb, we are all unique. Each fart smells different.

When some-one says "pick up that gun and shoot those people", that's when you call some-one a nutter. When I say JUMP you say "get tha fuck outa here!", that's the order of things.