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David Hudson 1995 Superconductivity and more...

Here, We are Exploring the Real Science that is Proving .......
David Hudson Lecture - At The Ranch, Nov 16, 1995 - Focus on Superconductivity

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Special Properties of the "Transition Group Elements"
My Original "David Hudson" Page

ORMEs Exist As Single Atoms and Therefore Are A Gas !!!
Observations and discussion by John V. Milewski, Ph.D. - Good Pictures

The Expanded Periodic Table of the Elements
as David Hudson Describes

  A Simple Overview of "Atomic Valance Bonding" and "Zeta Potential"  
This info is needed to understand David Hudson's description of screening potential.

Learn How Atoms and Colloids can Control Water Molecules
as David Hudson Describes ( Described using Computer Animations )

"The Gravity Debate"    Does Gravity Push or does Gravity Pull ???
New investigations into gravity throw sizable doubt on Einstein's Theory of Gravity.
Explore Our  "Magnetism Page"
How Does Magnetism Really Work?

Understanding the Nature of Heat
The Atomic Wiggle Wiggle Dance

Understanding the Electric Force
We are just now beginning to understand.

Here is a definition for electron volts

Here is a definition for electron volts

This is rather nice Unit Converter

High-Spin Monatomic Research

An Introduction to the Mysteries of Ground Radio
David Hudson's discoveries help explain this mystery.

"Earth Energy and Vocal Radio"   Nathan Stubblefield
Are ORMUS materials at work here also?

"Endless Light"   Dr. Thomas Henry Moray
What was the makeup of this mysterious rock?

Physicists Advance Theory for New Class of Quantum Phase Transition Rice University-led physicists have made a key advancement in understanding how complex quantum fluctuations play a role in the transformation of metals from one electronic state to another.

BIOlogical TRANSmutations
More insights into Atomic Nuclear changes.
The world isn't flat !!!   Neither is the Nucleus of the Atom Static and Unchanging.

Using Hydroponics to Understand the Earth's Life Processes
On the Atomic Level.

 Tommy's History of Electricity and Western Technology 
"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

The Make Up of Our "Engineer able Atomic World"
We Know How to, and CAN Take Care of Everyone.

The Tortoise Shell Hydroponic Reference Center
The Art of Growing Plants with Mineral Water

The Wonderful World of Advanced Materials
Making Things, by Assembling One Atom at a Time.

 Tommy's Resonate Coil Project 
Needed for Superconductor Batteries

Maxwell's Equations in Magnetic Media
A static magnetic field is produced by stationary electric currents.

m-state (ORMUS) materials dissolved in water.
Magnetic Traps

The Art of Healing Ourselves
You Are In Charge of Your Body !

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