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Steorn is a Dublin based freeenergyapparatusinnovation firm. ( I've invented a new word again) Today this message appeard in their forum. It sums em up quite well.


In February of this year a leading scientists from one of the worlds leading Universities came to Dublin to conclude a review of our energy technology. He took me aside and said “I have no doubts about your technology, but there is no way that I am ever going to put this in writing”.

We had spent two years working with academia to get to that point in February. It was a real slap in the face and a defining moment for Steorn. We spent our time from that moment on until midnight on the night of August 17th preparing for a crazy stunt – we where going to take a full page advert in the Economist and slap the world of science right back.

Everyone we spoke to about this plan told us that there was no way that any scientist would respond to the advert. The plan worked, the scientists responded and are about to start their work. On the day that we were confident we had enough scientists, we pulled the plug on all media interviews – we had no more to say, our job was done.

During the last review of our website I said to Richard, Alan and the guys, why don’t we put a forum on the site, it all seems pretty static? What a decision, I have never been involved in a forum and my word, what an eye opener it has been!

The forum has (for me), day in and day out has confirmed our strategy. The views of the forum on Steorn have a times made us angry, and at times have made us laugh.

Towards the end of August (again against the advice of everyone inside and outside of the company) I decided that we must engage with forum members. We never set out to ask anyone to believe our huge claim on the technology, just to try and deal with the cries of hoax/scam/fraud. We have tried to explain our strategy, some get it and most see simpler ways of achieving it – we are very happy with our strategy and will stick with it till the end.

There is no more that we can do now, we have provide evidence of the companies history, we have provided evidence that our technology has been reviewed by Universities in the past, we have provided evidence that we have a manufacturing partner and most importantly we have provided evidence that we have a Jury.

We are not IBM, we never will be, we have tried to have some fun along the way and share it with you folks. No one should ever confuse this with how serious we are about getting this technology to market.

We can provide no further evidence that we are not a scam/hoax/fraud. We will continue with the long delayed flash work and the visits from Crank, but Alan, Richard, Seamus and myself will not be posting in here again until after the end of phase one of the Jury process. Poor Cathy will continue to attempt to moderate!

To the people who believe our technical claims I say do not; not until the work of the Jury has been done. To the people who think we are about something other than our stated aim I just say – you are very, very wrong.

I really want to thank everyone; you have become as much a part of Steorn as the people who work here.

Talk to you in the New Year.


Steorn forum - Many thanks and bye for now

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