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from this pages are only allowed if cited in full.

Any quotation, that is not in full and thus leads to misinterpretation will be liable to treatement by law.

science or religion?

the question does not really arise, but there is one point very clear.

A lot of technology that might endanger the establishment is blasted away by press and marked "dangerours".

We are not interested in what religion you might have, or what else - we are interested in reproducable facts. 

If there are facts we will display them, no matter if they do or do not support the basic (theoretic) laws of themodynamics or whatever "laws".

We are neither interested wether the author is Gandi, Bagwhan, George Bush,  or Budda, nor if he is Lafayette Ron Hubbbard, Nostradamus or anybody else. We are interested in Results.

So if a technology is working or not will not depend who the source was  - it will work or not. Any technolgy we put here here has prooven its availability and results.

So ask yourself if you want a scientific religious war, or if you want facts.

If the first you are wrong here, please leave, if the latter - please read and contribute.


Instead making a blacklist and putting attentions on outpints we here develop a whitelist.

It is a list of persons, companies or ideas that  have proven to be reliable.

Please feel free to submit your suggetion, or ask for autor rights if you feel your data should be read

newpowers in this universe