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Yahoo! 360!

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ghee, the 360 blog is growing up rapidly. Just when I started to appreciate the strange charm of the strange navigation. It was a bit like going down a tunnel reading the blogs, the calendar wasn't good enough (for me at least)

....but now we have tags .... and post lists .... it's quite nice. Lets discover what it can do
Yahoo! 360° - tricks, tips, tutorials, pictures and words
The short url looks like this:
You could already link to a post like this:
linking to a tag page goes like this:
Something interesting to note (which I havent put much attention into jet) is when making blog posts you are also making a short description on the friends page, on your profile and in your rss feed.
You could also concider how your image looks with that.
I'v made a new 360 blog-this bookmarklet. Now it opens in a new window

Copy that line to your clipboard and pick one of the smiles.

View the image then drag it's url onto your bookmarks toolbar, click on it so that the bookmark you've just made gets the image. You right-click the bookmark and put the javascript line in the location box.

You now have a smiling bookmakrlet that opens in a new browser window. :-)

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